Georgia Anne Muldrow and Madlib – Seeds (Tracklist)

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Albums

Here’s the tracklist to Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Seeds. This album is going to be completely produced by Madlib so I’m interested in hearing how it comes out, especially because it is his first time producing for a female vocalist.

 1. Seeds (Produced By: Madlib)

2. Wind (Produced By: Madlib)

3. Calabash (Produced By: Madlib)

4. Kali Yuga (Produced By: Madlib)

5. The Birth of Petey Wheatstraw (Produced By: Madlib)

6. Best Love (Produced By: Madlib)

7. Husfriend Intro (Produced By: Madlib)

8. Husfriend (Produced By: Madlib)

9. Kneecap Jelly (Produced By: Madlib)

10. The Few (Produced By: Madlib)

11. Remember (outro) (Produced By: Madlib)


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