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Hodgy Beats Untitled EP

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Albums, EPs
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So Hodgy Beats of Odd Future dropped his new free Ep. If you are someone that doesn’t like Odd Future, you are more then likely to disregard this post, but when it comes to Hodgy’s solo acts, he does his own thing. Proof of this is the production which consists of Thelonious Monk, Flying Lotus, and the Alchemist.

Hodgy Beats | Untitled EP | OFWGKTA Store.


Macklemore.Com Launch

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Its kind of self explanatory. Just watch.

Here’s something for you guys waiting for Planet Asia’s new so Black Belt to drop. It is a new mixtape with him and veteran Doo Wop. It’s pretty good if you aske me. you can listen to and download it below.

Here’s the first of his new series.

There is so much I can say about Boon Doc, but I like to keep things short and simple. Boon Doc is a producer that has been making videos since like ’06. His first video were straight grimy Hip Hop. Now his style has evolved to more of a Neo Soul/Hip Hop. I’ll post a few videos that show his musical evolution, and the next post I’ll put up his first video in a new series called Boon Documented.

His first video:

About A year later:

Without a sample (From Scratch)

Gets A new studio:


Brother Ali has ben putting out some really good material. Download song for FREE:
The Bite Marked Heart – dropping Monday, February 13th.

C Plus and Lee Bannon drop In my Grove. I’m not going to lie, I do not know much about Lee Bannon, but this track is so dope! Im going to have to peep the new project. (Off the upcoming project entitled Young Champions).