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Part 4 of The Hotbox. Kahn is a director of music videos. It is actually pretty interesting.


Murs and Skibeatz!

I included this one because STS is dope. I honestly think he is bound to blow up soon. I’ll probably post his Illustrious album soon. It’s free and really showcases his talent.

I’ve been lagging on posting new videos from skibeats channel. The dude has been posting videos about everyday, sometimes more. From now on I’m going to try to post everything he uploads. For the most part all the content is good so check it out.

Mac Miller Drops New Mixtape, Macadelic [Download Now] | XXLMAG.COM.


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Dumb’s thoughts on weed.

At A Photoshoot, We Said Our Verses Into A Camera While This Song Was Playing In The Background. Why Not Release it.

Earl’s verse is crazy! and Tyler’s last verse is my favorite.