Intua beatmaker2 for iPad2 + akai mpd32 + Lpk

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Beatmaking Videos, Producer Spotlight
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Equalibrum showcasing the Intua Beatmaker 2 app for the iPad. If you’re interested in the beatmaker app this is a helpful video. This one’s for the beatmakers/producers.


  1. sandy says:


    here I would use my MPD32 on my iPad with the application Intua beatmaker 2

    the controller is connected by a midi interface / usb uno brand, which is connected to the ipad using the camera adapter / usb ipad

    it works but the problem is that I do not know what the function of the control software such as volume pan etc … but when I check the pads of the drum machine in its software does not work, yet when I take my instrument synthesizer the pads on the MPD32 works well but not on the drum machine software??

    I looked in the afternoon of software settings and assignments but I see nothing??

    if you can help me solve the problem and also how to view this video on youtube

    thank you


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