Weekly 16’s- CLIQUE

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Live Shows, Music Video, New Single
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Doesn’t he kind of rap like Dumbfoundead? Just my opinion…

Sorry guys, if this isnt viewable on mobile, its cuz the beat comes up as a copywritten material. Imma be in Austria next week, so what beat should I do NEXT next week!
my click is killin competition, everybody getting jealous
my girl is bad is hell and yo girl is fat as adelle is
nothing but the truth i got no reason to embellish
where yo bitch at, have u seen her on my wiener call her relish
everyone’s a critic, they just mad because i did it
adjusting like a snap and they not budgin like a fitted
so tell me if you wit it, we could take it to the top
me and my click is winnin we aint never gonna stop
the blood of an insomniac mix it with some cognac
reppin for my hood like a phoenix on my pontiac
high definition, im tryin new positions
staying on my grind cuz in my mind is a vision
got my pants saggin, slay a dragon with my hands tied
if i run for president im winnin by a landslide
built it from the bottom, neva got no help
the only person in my click is my goddamn self


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