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“Dear Lenny Kravitz, You are uncommonly handsome and talented, please don’t sue me.

Love, Shad”

Favorite song off the album glad they made visuals for it.


Shad (
“it ain’t over”
From the album: melancholy and the infinite shadness
Black Box Music / Decon Records
Directed by: GARY (Justin Broadbent)
DP: Daniel Poirier
2nd Camera: Scott Watson
VFX and Edit by: Justin Broadbent
Babe: Jade
Thanks: Gaurav Sawhney, Matt Browning, Jarrad MacIntyre, Christopher Mills



If this doesn’t make you hungry… You have no soul.

Nardwuar parody from the people of Duckdown


This song is so damn emotional. Oh my God. Just listen, this is one of my favorite songs by Intuition.

This is a song about coping with my father’s struggle with early onset Alzheimer’s. If you would like to read more of the backstory, feel free to visit

If you are interested in donating to the cause please visit:
The Alzheimer’s Association at
The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America at

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instagram: @itsintuition

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Video Directed, Shot, and Edited by Kyle Gray Visuals:

“My apologies for the incredibly long delay between volumes one and two. Life got a bit hectic for a second, but I’m back. Just like last time, I had my Facebook fans suggest throwback beats to rhyme on, and I blended them up into this little tune.”

You can say whatever you want about Soulja Boy, but BBNG actually made his song good.

Not only can I make beats on my IPAD, I can now do mashups and video blendz with this app that cost only 9.99. I am now convinced that I can create an entire hip hop masterpiece along with the accompanying video all from my IPAD. Do I really need a PC anymore?0