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Some footage of their live shows and the whatnot.


If this doesn’t make you hungry… You have no soul.

Sean Price fills in for DJ Tony Touch for his ‘Toca Tuesdays’ radio show on Shade 45.

Watch as Sean Price makes fun of callers, yells absurdities, freestyles and more. Guests include Murs & Fashawn, DJ Evil Dee, Dru Ha and DJ Logic.

Pre-Order Sean Price ‘Mic Tyson’ + purchase Murs & Fashawn ‘This Generation’:

That last song by Ab-Soul is great! Why is Ab-Soul not eatin?

While on the TDE x BET Music Matters Tour, the TDE crew goofs around for a vlog we’re going to call, “Eat”. Cedric The Entertainer also has some words to say about Kendrick back in the day…

“good kid, m.A.A.d city” is available October 22nd, 2012!

In this installment of TPS Reports, the boys take their first trip to Los Angeles, California, where they get some clutch-timing tacos with two hospitable fans. The next morning, Term stands in the shade with his Timbaland shades and heads to Maker Studios with his partner in rhyme, Acumental. After shooting their Broken Language video with Knocksteady, Term & Ac slobbishly pop their In-N-Out Burger cherries and take you, the viewer, on a detailed tour of their newly refurnished home.

In this installment of TPS Reports, Term & Ac accompany Big Wax to the Hollywood Post Office and lend a helping hand as he ships some merchandise to his fans. From there, they proceed to the weed store where they encounter a police altercation with a grown-ass man. After squashing the beef, the boys peep some EOM beats and head to Santa Rosa Valley to play an exclusive ranch show; setup for fans, by fans. The following morning, Acumental wakes up and giggles like a girl whilst enjoying a humorous anecdote about the legend of Mr. Swag Juice.