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“It’s peaceful and deceitful, like a buddhist Judas.”

Song off of  Wax’s upcoming album “Continue” which comes out on 1.15.2013.

To be completely honest I’ve been looking over Wax’s music lately, but this song brought my attention back. He talks about the stresses that follow with one’s passion, that most people with dreams and goals can relate to.



Helpful tips for all the producers. EOM answers some questions for aspiring producers to help them get on the right path.

EOM updates y’all on his new project, The Windows EP, as well as other upcoming projects, podcast ideas and instructional beat making videos

Leave questions in the comments… if your question is too long, leave it in the youtube messages


Meet K-Prime, up and coming artist from Queens, NY who’s making quite the noise. Today the homie drops a visual from his last project produced entirely by EOM called “Dark Nights | Bright Dreams”.

Directed by Isam Muhammad and Anik “K-Prime” Khan

Wax talks about him not signed to Def Jam anymore, and the trouble he was in during his time with Def Jam.

New visuals to Wax’s Rosana off of the mixtape Eviction Notice. Check it out, it is creative and fun, and has a babe.

New single and visuals by Wax & EOM. It has a nice summer feeling, and features all of their friends. Overall great song and video.

Download “Summer Breeze” on itunes:…

Directed by Andrew Kurchinski
“Summer Breeze”: Wax and EOM featuring Breezy Lovejoy, Dumbfoundead, Herbal T, Yes, and Davy Nathan

Produced by EOM

Check out Breezy Lovejoy’s new album: