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Felly has been upping his game lately. I’ve always been a fan, but this song is fucking nice. Check it out everybody.


Felly playing some beats for everybody. The first beat is crazy!

Check out Felly’s new video. Man this is real dope. He made made a beat that I consider one of my favorite produced by him, and the rhymes are so real it’s crazy. If you haven’t heard this guy definitely check him out.

So here’s an artist I’ve been following for a while. He’s a producer and rapper that goes by the name Felly for rapping and Rob Fel for his production. Evertime I hear something new by him, it always pushes me to make something new. Seeing him, being that he is a young artist, working hard, inspires me to work hard. In fact, he is partly the reason why I created this blog.  He is extremely talented and hard working and deserves recognition. Above you can see some of his material below a link to his blog.

Felly Music Blog