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I would like to thank you for even taking the time out to listen to this LP, it means a lot. This Instrumental LP consists of 14 tracks that I have been working on for the past year. I put a lot of work into these beats, and I hope everybody enjoys it. For any inquiries, all beats are free for download and can be used non-exclusively meaning you can use them for non-profit use, just let me know which ones you use. If you plan on using them for profit e-mail me at and we can work on the prices for exclusives. Also for any type of alteration of the beat. If you enjoy my work please share it, that would mean a great deal to me. For all the people that actually give a shit, thank you.


Finally dropped my new beat tape/album! please check it out, I worked really hard on it. If you like it be sure to download  it!

Here’s new video from OFWGKTA. It basically has Tyler’s humor so if you are into that watch it, plus the announcement of their new OF Tape. Personally the only OF related album I really enjoyed was the Radical tape, hopefully this is just as good.