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I firmly believe this is the best release The Palmer Squares have had thus far. The video provides a great visual of the message they are trying to convey with the song. While the quality of the audio is not the best, the substance and depth of the lyrics and the beat along with the continuous bass line allow the listen to have no complaints. Everything about the song and video go well together.


In this installment of TPS Reports, the boys take their first trip to Los Angeles, California, where they get some clutch-timing tacos with two hospitable fans. The next morning, Term stands in the shade with his Timbaland shades and heads to Maker Studios with his partner in rhyme, Acumental. After shooting their Broken Language video with Knocksteady, Term & Ac slobbishly pop their In-N-Out Burger cherries and take you, the viewer, on a detailed tour of their newly refurnished home.

In this installment of TPS Reports, Term & Ac accompany Big Wax to the Hollywood Post Office and lend a helping hand as he ships some merchandise to his fans. From there, they proceed to the weed store where they encounter a police altercation with a grown-ass man. After squashing the beef, the boys peep some EOM beats and head to Santa Rosa Valley to play an exclusive ranch show; setup for fans, by fans. The following morning, Acumental wakes up and giggles like a girl whilst enjoying a humorous anecdote about the legend of Mr. Swag Juice.

In this installment of TPS Reports, the Squares shake off their hangovers at The Terrance, where Acumental covers “Rosana” and enjoys a stupid dumb mimosa. After breakfast, the boys get all jazzed up and pay a visit to the beach. Term spits some raps & naively sympathizes with the ladies, when we all know that they’re the ones leaving sausage links on toilet seats. Ac wants Term to fall down and bust his nose, and Traphik lets the P-Squares sit in on a studio session. Special appearance by Keith Murray.

In this installment of TPS Reports, Term & Ac get their grub on in San Pedro and discuss the origin of “finna” with some local fans. Term jacks off so hard his taint hurts, and the boys walk around by some water. Day turns to night and Acumental has too much to drink; exclaiming loudly over a rotund booty at the 7-11. After 6 long days in California, the boys conclude their west coast journey and board their flight home. Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows, and everyone who let us crash at their crib…our trip was incredible.